Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My first word-run

This was my first word-run. It was in the early days of my jogging, and 7.2km was a long distance for me at that stage. So the pace was quite slow.

I made a number of mistakes.  I turned the wrong way up the hill at the F, and didn't take the right street for the inner curve of the C. This added an additional 600m to the run that I had planned with Google Earth.

A couple of weeks later, I tried to improve it.

But, this still wasn't great. The top arm of the K could potentially be improved, and my time was still quite slow.

So I tried again on a rainy afternoon:

By this stage I had memorised the course, and did not have to look at a map to find my way. Consequently, the pace was better.

There is still potential to improve on this, especially in the upper arm of the K.  I could potentially also complete the top bar of the K by pausing Strava at the finish, and then walking back around to the start, and starting it again.  It's not possible to walk through the housing that is present between the corner of Longstaff and Gill Sts and Southwell Park.

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