Monday, 9 December 2013

Face with glasses

I drew this face over a week on three separate days. I did it by pausing Strava between points - this draws a straight line, and means you aren't restricted to the shape of the streets. Each of the three runs was approximately 7kms. It was very slow in sections, mostly because the detail around the eyes and ears meant I had to greatly reduce my pace to get it right. It was also very stop-start. I'd run to the next point, stop to pause and restart Strava, and then often head back in the direction I came from.

Here's the same run, but showing the actual path I took:

I've uploaded screenshots from my iPhone because as you can see below, the face does not display properly on the Strava website.

If you click on image below it you can run your mouse over the elevation profile and watch a cursor trace the path I took. There was a lot of back-tracking! But I'm pretty happy with the result.

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